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Route 28 : Prince Albert - Laingsburg


143 km



About the Route

This route is going from Prince Albert to Laingsburg. To avoid the highway, we decided to cut through the farmlands, which became a struggle. The road, we now know, is called the many gates roads. It is named after the numerous farm gates that you need to open and close. The road started off with some loose gravel and stones, but nothing to be too concerned about. The Karoo open plains are beautiful and there is nobody around except for some livestock. But soon the road started to become more and more sandy. I would only recommend this road for advanced riders with confidence in thick sand on two track roads. We ended up cutting our route short and going towards the highway as it was getting late. This is also where this route is taking you. We did hear afterwards that the road is supposedly getting better, so if you want to risk it you can just continue straight and you will arrive back on tar just underneath Laingsburg.

Route Map

Download GPX • 62KB

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