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Werner The Traveling Tortoises riding KTM 890 Adventure R motorcycle Enduristan luggage nomadic traveler expedition

So who are The Traveling Tortoises???

Well we are your average Joe and Jane that decided to put it all on the line. We aren't very good riders, actually we are both novice riders learning every day. In September 2022 we sold it all, YES EVERYTHING we own! We packed our bikes and hit the road. There is no "plan" no "destination", this is not a "trip" this is a LIFESTYLE. We ride when we want, where we want and take every day as it comes. We travel slow, to take in where we are, to see more, to smell more and experience more. And we are super excited to share this crazy idea with you all!! So WELCOME TO OUR WORLD!! Now LET'S GOOOO!!!

The Tortoises

So here we are, a husband and wife. Two crazy people putting it all on a dream to travel the world on two wheels! But its better to hear our story from each one of us. So have a look down below and enjoy our craziness with us!

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