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Route 51 : Tarkastad - Aliwal North


234 km



About the Route

This route take you from Tarkastad to Aliwal North. The route is adjusted, as we were running out of fuel and the nearest petrol station was in Hofmeyr. You start off on the R61 tarred road and then you take the R401 which is a good gravel road (some potholes along the way). It takes you through the farmlands and it completely flat. The original route was the gravel road through the mountains on the right side of this road, missing Hofmeyr. We can't say how that road is, but if you feel adventures, that could be an alternative. Hofmeyr is a small town, which seems to be a bit forgotten and fading. There is a lovely restaurant with affordable food called The Farmhouse where you can park your bikes right next to the 'Stoep' where you can eat. If you're hungry or need a coffee, this would be the place to do it. Once you leave Hofmeyr, you turn back onto the gravel road (R391) that goes straight to Burgersdorp. It is a lovely, fairly straight and easy road through the farmlands. Just before Burgersdorp, you hop on the R397 (also Gravel). From Burgersdorp this route takes you over the tar road towards Aliwal North. There seems to be a nice gravel road on the left side as you leave Burgersdorp that goes to Aliwal, but we did not have the time.

Route Map

Download GPX • 84KB

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