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Route 46 : Willowmore - Jeffreys Bay (Baviaanskloof)


267 km


Medium - Hard

About the Route

This route takes you from Willowmore to Jeffreys Bay and covers the whole of the famous Baviaanskloof. Before you attempt this route, please be aware that part of this route is classified as a strictly 4x4 Offroad route and includes several water crossings. If you are riding this route in raining season, please phone the gate and inform if the watercrossings are shallow enough for motorbikes to go through. The rivers sometimes rise high enough even for vehicles to be almost submerged. Once you are certain you can cross, please be sure to fill up your bikes before leaving Willowmore. There is no official petrol station until Patensie (almost 200 km further). The gravel road will start just outside of Willowmore and the first 100 km is generally in good condition until you reach the Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve entrance gate. The entrance fee is small, if I remember correctly it's about R50 per person. We paid in cash, not sure if you can use card, but have cash with you just in case. Once you go through the entrance gate, the roads become a little harder here and there with a combination of loose rocks, wash aways and river crossings. Some of the water crossings can be very long and the surface underneath the water is slippery loose pebbles. There are also several mountain passes with steep drops and no safety rails. Be prepared for deep ruts on mountain pass as well. The description might sound like a very technical ride, but it is more meant as a warning to take it easy. We did not experience it as something extreme, even though we are not the best riders. The most important thing with baviaanskloof is that you are aware of your skill level and adjust your speed accordingly. Our average speed was probably about 35 Km/h (Maybe even slower....) and because of that we never felt out of control. There is no room for ego's when you ride the 4x4 section. If you are not sure if you are experienced enough, please just go and do it anyway! It is absolutely worth it and if you take it easy it will be a ride you won't forget. There are option to stay inside the reserve (camping mostly) and I would recommend doing this for everyone. We didn't, and it did cause us to rush through it. The gate closes at 16:00 for entrances, but you have time to exit until 18:00 or when it's dark, whichever comes first. After you leave the exit gate of the reserve, there is still some distance to go on the gravel road. Don't think that the beauty is over once you leave the gate, as it is still stunningly beautiful!

Route Map

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