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Route 33 : Heidelberg - L'Agulhas


139 km



About the Route

This route is taking you from Heidelberg (campground) to the most southern tip of Africa, Cape L'Agulhas. As you are leaving the campground there is a few km of tar before you turn off towards the gravel. I can't say much about the scenery in the first bit of gravel, as we had very thick mist that day, but the surface is good. This route takes you over the Malagas Pond crossing. It used to be manually draw, but it got 'upgraded' to a mechanical pond. It is a short crossing that doesn't take more than 10 min. The crossing itself is for free, there is just a list where you need to write your details on. The operating hours are from 06:00 - 18:00 every day. If you want to make sure if the pond is going that day (it has had mechanical issues several times) you can phone the Malagas Hotel (you will find the phone number on Google). After you leave the pond, you go through the little town over the tar, before you go back on gravel. When we were there, they were busy fixing the road (lots of loose sand/clay). I assume it is now a smooth easy ride on that gravel road towards Bredasdorp. You will hit the tar just before marching Bredasdorp and from here it will stay tar all the way towards L'Agulhas. From the town of L'Agulhas it's a very short ride to Cape Agulhas, which is the most Southern tip of Africa. There is a parking area just before the actual point and a walkway. Take your time and enjoy!

Route Map

Download GPX • 70KB

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