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Route 31 : Riversdale - Still Bay


55 km



About the Route

This route is taking you from Riversdale to Still bay over mainly gravel roads. It is a short amount of km, but loads of sharp corners and bents, so the average speed will be low. However, you can easily do this in 2 hours. The gravel roads are generally in good shape, just be aware when you hit the dirt. The first gravel road had a lot of loose gravel/stones that actually formed banks. If you stay in the vehicle tracks it's fine, just be aware. Once you take a left turn towards still bay, you will get a fun section going up and down hills with sharp corners next to the river. The views are beautiful and we encountered zero traffic. This roads takes you all the way into Still Bay and becomes tilled at the last few km's.

Route Map

Download GPX • 53KB

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