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Route 25 : Knysna - Hartenbos


124 km



About the Route

This route takes you from Knysna over the Seven Passes towards Hartenbos. It is a combination of gravel and tar and takes you through forest and up and down mountains. Every pass has an old bridge that you pass over. In the weekend there are a lot of cyclist that like to own the road and don't like to keep on their side of the road when coming around a corner, so just be careful. It can become a bit muddy after rain. There is a lovely farmstall halfway just before the Big Tree. If you feel like it, you can buy some meat and other produce at the farmstall and then continue for a few kilometres to the Big Tree. Here you can have a Braai/lunch close to one of the only surviving big trees. It is 800 years old, over 36 meters tall and its circumference is 9 METERS. Its fellow big brothers and sisters were all cut down when the settles came here and build houses. As you continue with the other passes the scenery stays breathtaking. It ends just outside of George, and from there the route goes on the regional tar road towards Hartenbos.

Route Map

Download GPX • 138KB

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