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Route 23 : Steytlerville - Uniondale


166 km



About the Route

This route takes you from Steytlerville, on the tar road, towards a farm just outside Uniondale. The tar road is good quality, but at some stage this main roads turns into a single lang cement block road. There is still reasonable amount of traffic on there and cars might get out of the way for you here (gravel path next to the concrete slabs), but trucks are a different matter. We had several trucks just flashing their lights and racing straight towards you at high speed. So we decided to ride next to the road on the dirt when we saw a big truck coming. It is a beautiful area with some mountains to your side. Also be careful of Kudu's jumping over the road, this can seriously harm you. Uniondale itself is well known for its Uniondale Hitcher ghost story. If you are interested in wandering around town in dark trying to find the ghost, you should probably get a place here. But this route continues to a farm accommodation outside of Uniondale. As you leave the town on the tar road you get to a stunning section where the road winds it way through the cliffs, after which you will get on the first dirt road of today and snake over a beautiful farm roads with stunning mountains on either side. There is a small steep section where you go up with quite some loose rocks.

Route Map

Download GPX • 80KB

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