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Route 21 : Nieu-Bethesda - Graaff Reinet


88 km



About the Route

This route takes you from Nieu- Bethesda to Graaf Reinet. We take the gravel road out via the Nieu Bethesda poort and wind our way through remote Karoo farms. There are some sections with sand on this road but only for a couple of meters at the time. If sand riding is not your thing, don't worry, it's short enough to just take it easy through and then continue enjoying the road. When you approach the end of the gravel, you will be able to see Graaf Reinet below you on your left hand side. Once on the tar, you have beautiful views as you make your way down Ouberg pass. As you approach Graaff Reinet you will pass over some cattle grids, this is the marker that you have entered Camdeboo National park! Now, this route is taking you on a loop past the Valley of Desolation and I would really advise you to go and look there! You pay a small entrance fee and then make your way up the mountain. Be aware of Kudu's, we had one almost jumping into the motorbikes. The views are spectacular and gets more and more breathtaking as you get higher. Just the road up is already worth the ride. At the Valley of Desolation is a small parking lot where you can park your bikes. Then you have a short hike up to the stunning rock formations and views. Afterwards, you take the same road down again. There is a possibility to camp around here, but we went to Graaff Reinet.

Route Map

Download GPX • 79KB

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