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Route 20 : Middelburg - Nieu-Bethesda


87 km



About the Route

This route takes you from the Eastern Cape's town of Middelburg to the stunning small town of Nieu Bethesda. You have a section of the N9 highway which includes Lootsberg pass, the highest pass in the Karoo. Once down on the plains there is a gravel road to your right that goes towards Nieu Bethesda. In this route we take the straightest gravel road, but there is a larger loop which you can take to your right after getting on the gravel road if you have the time. The gravel road included in this route lets you winding up the mountain and provides stunning scenery. At some point you will see a very high, sharp peak in the distance to your right. This is compass berg, the highest peak in the Sneeuberg range and second highest in the Eastern Cape. As you approach Nieu Bethesda, you can see it laying below you in the valley. The whole town is gravel roads, even the main road is not tarred. It won't take you long to drive through the town. Please be aware there is no petrol station! If you are in dire need of petrol, ask the lady at the village inn if she might be able to help. There is one small local shop/supermarket (Die Winker) where you can buy canned goods, rice, some fresh vegetables and fruit. They also have a small selection of meat available. If you need cash, this is also the only place where you can get some from the cashier. There is no ATM in town and some places, like our campsite (Zonnestrahl campsite), only accept cash. On this campsite there is also one small barn that was used for animals, where you can sleep with a bed. You use the ablution of the campsite, but it is comfortable and has a table and coffee/tea making facilities. The campsite does not have individual power plugs.

Route Map

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