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Picking the rite gear is never easy, we will share what gear we use here and why. Hopefully this can help you with finding the rite gear for yourself. The gear we use might not be the rite gear for you but maybe it gives you an idea or show you something new to think about when picking gear for your own adventures.

Season 1



- Naturehike - Mongar 20D Ultralight 2Person Tent

- Naturehike - Mongar Vestibule Extension

Sleeping Bags

- Naturehike - ULG Goose Down Sleeping Bag (Cissy)


Sleeping Mats

- ThermaRest - TrailPro (Cissy & Werner)

Camping Chairs

- Naturehike - Folding Moon Chair (Cissy & Werner)

Camping Kitchen

- MSR - Stove

- pots pans

- Fire stove

- Water Purifiers

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